Announcing GuideVine for the Enterprise

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As 2018 begins, we find ourselves in the middle of a major shift in consumer preferences toward online content and research driving how people select their financial advisors. Clients want to be able to find an advisor that meets their needs, cultivate a trusting relationship, and see quick results. And they are increasingly starting this journey online.

At GuideVine, we have been focused on enhancing this customer journey while increasing the visibility of the individual financial advisors using, our public platform, so they stand out from the competition.

Now, I am pleased to announce the launch of The GuideVine Enterprise Solution, designed for firms with 30 or more advisors. This solution builds upon our experiences working with 670,000+ consumers and 150+ firms over the past five years.

Solving the problem of conversion

Advisory firms are investing heavily in online advertising and digital footprints, with the goal of driving customer traffic to their websites. The challenge is converting that traffic into business for the firm and its advisors.

The GuideVine Enterprise Solution solves the conversion problem by giving advisory firms a much more effective alternative to the traditional “contact us” form. Now, advisory firms can offer their prospects and web visitors a powerful and easy-to-use matching tool to help them find the right advisors at the firm who could be the best fit.

  • Some of the key features of the GuideVine Enterprise Solution are:

  • Enhanced advisor profiles that highlight the individuality and expertise of each advisor, while standardizing the firm’s required common information.

  • Custom “Find an Advisor/Team” interface that helps guide consumers on a firm’s website to the right set of experts.

  • Back-end compliance, administrative, and archive functions, so that the firm has complete control over the hosted product, approval flows, and compliance needs.

  • Video consulting and production conducted by GuideVine’s Advisor Success team.

  • Integrated look and feel with the firm’s branding and website.

This product is highly customizable to each firm’s unique needs. And, since it is a hosted SaaS solution, there are no maintenance or server requirements for firms.

The GuideVine Enterprise Solution makes it simpler than ever before for customers to discover the ideal advisor for their particular needs, while dramatically increasing visibility and conversion rates for a firm and its advisors.

With the experience GuideVine brings to the table with our flagship site, I’m confident we can help advisory firms of all sizes grow their businesses by more effectively connecting customers with their advisors.

We are looking forward to working with our enterprise clients to make 2018 a successful and prosperous year!

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Raghav Sharma