Deepen Client Relationships

Focus your team on the highest value prospect and client interactions, while the GuideVine Chatbot handles the rest


GuideVine’s AI-Powered Chatbot integrates directly with your website and instantly answers questions from prospects and existing clients.

  • Increases staff productivity, focusing them on high-value tasks, while the chatbot answers basic questions

  • Enables enhanced prospect qualification and meeting setting, via a customized set of questions to understand the needs of a prospective client.


Automated first line response

Are you spending valuable time and resource responding to basic inquiries?

Serve visitors effectively

Visitors to your website deserve instant response to essential questions

Focus your team where it matters

Provide better service, target and identify the best visitors, and free up staff to focus on high value interactions



Custom Responses

Your chatbot will be customized to include firm specific language, links, content, and contact information


Lead Qualification

Any prospective clients will be asked a series of questions to assess whether they are a good fit for your firm, while capturing relevant information 


Lead Notifications

As prospective clients engage the bot to learn about your firm, you will get an email notification regarding their interest


Value Creation

Your team can focus on high-value client tasks versus spending time and resources answering basic questions


24/7 Coverage

Your office might be closed, but your bot is always on . Questions that took a day to answer can now be answered in seconds


Multiple Concurrent Conversations

Your busy team will not get bogged down responding to a series of requests. Let the bot handle unlimited conversations