Close Clients Faster

Increase prospect meetings and close more clients by integrating the simple-to-add GuideVine Digital Matching Platform to your website


How does it work? Watch the video:


Your Website (Today)

Your firm spends a lot of time and money attracting prospects to your website, only to see them leave. Why?

Low Conversion

Consumers expect more from your digital experience. Simple contact forms and bios don't deliver.

Close More Business

GuideVine creates a personalized experience for each visitor that gets them to the right person at your firm. Better engagements, higher conversion, more clients.


Algorithm-Driven Discovery

Custom matching process allows prospects to find the most relevant professional suited to their needs, while capturing valuable prospect data

  • Matching Welcome Page

  • Matching Dimensions & Questions

  • Advisor Profile Search Results Page


Profile & Landing Pages

SEO optimized, responsive profiles and pages that are designed to increase prospect engagement

  • Individual Profiles

  • Team Profiles

  • Location/Office Pages

  • Landing Pages/ Specialty Directories


Customer Success

Our customer success team can assist Enterprise clients in all operational tasks, including:

  • Managing & updating profiles / directory

  • Updating matching algorithm inputs

  • Creating and maintaining users and roles

  • Interfacing with compliance partners


Unified Branding & Design

Look and feel matches your firm’s website and corporate brand to ensure a unified experience

  • Design and all elements created in conjunction with your marketing team

  • Contextually relevant exposure (e.g., top navigation bar & footer, entry buttons)

  • Custom CSS



Flexible architecture allows firms to customize and easily integrate into existing technical architecture and operations

  • Google Analytics & Google Tag Manager

  • Vimeo/YouTube

  • CRM (e.g., Salesforce, Dynamics)

  • URL/Domain Mounting

  • Custom Mailers/Notifications


Admin Tools

User-friendly back-end to manage creation, editing, compliance, and monitoring of all content and pages

  • Manage/edit all profiles and landing pages

  • Manage content & compliance workflow Configure & manage matching algorithm dimensions & questions

  • Access reports & metrics