How to Film Professional Videos

Create videos that build trust with potential clients


There are 4 essential components to create great videos:

  1. Presenting Yourself on Camera

  2. Content

  3. Environment

  4. Attire



1. Presenting Yourself

Making sure you are relaxed is key to presenting yourself. Here are a few tips that will keep you sounding conversational, as opposed to sounding too mechanical.

  • Read your scripts out loud several times before the shoot to practice saying the script just as you would if you were speaking in a conversation.

  • Think of the camera as a new client that you’re explaining concepts to for the first time.

  • Smile!

  • Try to take pauses.

  • Don’t forget to breathe throughout.

Bonus: Make sure you are well rested before the shoot.

2. Content

It will be important to for you to refine your scripts, so that it represents you and the value you provide to clients.

Ultimately, you want someone to get a feel for your personality as well as unique elements of your offering and firm.



3. Environment

Picking the right environment is an important step. Regardless of whether you are shooting in an office conference room or home office, here are a few things to keep in mind:


Do find a well-lit, bright area to shoot your video. The sun is an outstanding light source for filming. If you can find a window that allows the sun to shine toward your face, great! Otherwise, electric light sources work too, if they are oriented the right way.

Don’t have the primary light source behind you while shooting. Instead, shoot away from the source and let it shine toward you.

Background Noise

Do try to minimize background noise so potential clients focus on your words and nothing else. Avoid locations that tend to get noisy. So remember to close any window/doors. Temporarily turn off your HVAC unit, if possible.

Don’t forget that microphones pick up all the small noises that we are conditioned to ignore. Try for a silent room in which to shoot the video.


Do find a background that signals professionalism, but also is a place where you feel comfortable. Your video should convey trust to potential clients while also showing you’re someone they can connect with personally.

Don’t have any distractions (e.g., moving items, bright colored images) behind you while shooting. It’s important that clients are focused on you, not the neon painting in your office or your messy desk. Keep it simple and tidy.


4. Attire

Here are a few tips on the best attire for professional videos. You should consider wearing what you typically wear when meeting new clients, because it’s important that you feel like you can be yourself.

Generally speaking, it is good practice to dress the part for how you want clients to view you and your practice. You can change your attire between videos (i.e., casual vs. formal, different color ties). You can also reduce any glares from the lighting by applying light makeup.

Attire Recommendations for Women

Colors + Patterns: Avoid bright, huge, flowery patterns

Facial Hair

A good shave before going on air will prevent or reduce the look of the five o'clock shadow. Any facial hair should be neatly trimmed.


Video needs light to make a good picture. Light reflection off certain jewelry can be distracting; therefore, you should be thoughtful about avoiding anything large and sparkling.

This includes large rings, bracelets, dangling earrings, necklaces and pins. Pearls and small neck chains with cameos or colored stones look best.

The Simple Guide to Professional Videos

It is encouraged that you view other advisor videos on GuideVine to get a sense of what elements of a video you like and don’t like. You can also use these sample videos below as references for videos that get higher consumer interaction:


  • He doesn't sound like he's reading off a prompt. 

  • His body looks relaxed

  • Sounds conversational

  • Decent amount of pauses

  • Comes across as genuine on camera

  • Proper pauses between sentences

  • Clear enunciation and word emphasis

  • Conversational tone

  • Sitting square in front of the camera

  • Good pacing on words

  • Comes across as relaxed

  • Voice volume is just right


  • The speaker is talking too quickly and sounds like he is reading off a script.


Remember, practicing your scripts just a few times is a simple way to prepare for your video shoot. It’s the most important way to sound natural and create professional videos.